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  • About Our Custom Painted Snare Drums

    Embracing design and durability

    Our Designs

    Triple ddd is all about embracing our uniqueness and our inner spirit animals.

    Our Materials

    All our drum shells are well-known for providing precision built. I use Keller custom-molded maple drum shells some of the highest quality on the market. I will custom build and have one of my Tejas artists paint the shell with a Beautiful and Meaningful Tejas Scene and, I can have it built with Exotic woods besides Maple. Made to order or pick from the designs that are now on the site. Custom orders can not be returned.

    The Art of Drumming Tejas Style

    Veteran drummer Danny Darling has thought about this Idea for sometime now. To have blank shells turned into a Tejas work of Art and now its becoming a reality.

    Danny has recorded and toured with Hall of Fame Artist Leon Russell in the early '90s (RIP Brother Leon). Danny has also toured with the Lovely and Gifted Grammy Artist Lari White (RIP Sweet Lady). A story about Lari! we both were in a Session at the MCA Studios. Little did I know at the time Lari was the demo singer. We didn't know each other but, years later it was a great and ultimate experience to be asked to Play Drums for her and tour.

    Another artist Dannys has toured and recorded with Jay Boy Adams Band (Atlantic Records) Rockabilly queen Rosie Flores, Country mega Star Clay Walker, Alternative Folk Rock Artist Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely and Butch Hancock. Blues Grammy Artist Johnny Jones, Jessie Guitar Taylor, Bobby Hebb (RIP Johnny,Bobby,Jessie) Blues Artist Rick Vito.

    Danny still continues to play subbing for a verity of artist through out Texas , Nashville and New Mexico and teaching keeping his passion and love for Playing Drums and being a Father and Father In Law and PaPa to his two Beautiful grandkids Luna and Lux Darling.

    I hope you find the ddd custom painted drums to be a work of Art and enjoyable playing experience. They Sound Great!

    Thank You!

    ddd Custom Painted Tejas Drums

    Danny Darling

    Copywrite 2019


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    Celebration Of The Dead
    Celebration Of The Dead
    10 ply Keller Shells, 14 in with Dunnett R4 Throw Off. Hand Painted by Tejas Artist. Artistic Design and Idea by Pro Drummer Danny Darling.Hardware assembled on Drum by Danny Darling Copyright 2019 .
    Coming soon
    Tejas Cave Drawings
    Tejas Cave Drawings
    Keller 12pl maple shells.Dunnett R4 Throw Off. Custom painted by Tejas Artist. Artistic Idea and designed by Danny Darling. Hardware assembled on Drum by Danny Darling.
    Coming soon
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    Coming Soon!

    1962 Ludwig 14 x 5.5

    6 lug